owner/photographer: andy chui

“My favourite photograph is the one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

New Zealand photographer Andy Chui specialises in premium image capture. His standards are high, but his artistry is affordable. Based in Auckland, Andy works with commercial and private clients to deliver exactly what they need, plus an extra touch of finesse. His focus is primarily weddings, commercial and portraits. For non-location shoots, Andy has his own studio. He can perform various post-processing techniques, including retouching.

Andy Chui arrived in the world of professional photography from an advertising and graphic design background. He understands the emotional power of images and how striving to reach perfection is always worth the effort.  Photography has always been Andy’s passion; since 2007 it’s also been his life’s work.

With every job he takes on, Andy feels a strong sense of responsibility to achieve the best-possible result. His excellent technical skills are balanced by an artist’s eye.

Originally from Taiwan, Andy has been a New Zealand resident for more than 25 years. As a ‘Kiwi Asian’, he works with a wide range of people from every culture. Much of his new business comes from word of mouth, as happy clients refer him to their colleagues, friends and family.